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Automotive suppliers face a myriad of challenges and trends each day. From stringent government regulations to high-tech consumer demands to foreign manufacturing plant investments, the challenges confronting the automotive industry are dynamic and ever changing.

At RSM, we leverage our extensive experience in the automotive industry to help companies navigate the complex issues and opportunities they face. Our industry specialists serve the business and accounting needs of the OEMs, Tier 1, 2 and 3 concerns as well as automotive aftermarket suppliers. We take the time to understand every client's situation and provide insights to help them thrive in today's automotive landscape.

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Auto trends


Auto trends

Auto Trends offers insights on the global automotive industry to help suppliers and OEMs grow and prepare for challenges on the horizon.

7 trends in automotive supply to watch in 2017


7 trends in automotive supply to watch in 2017

Automotive suppliers have reasons to be optimistic, yet there may be some causes for concern that are worth watching in the coming months.

2016 RSM Automotive Monitor Survey

2016 RSM Automotive Monitor Survey

After years of sales growth, automotive suppliers for both original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket have reasons to be optimistic.

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Automakers need strong sales month to clear record inventories

High inventories put the auto sector at risk for a correction, which could have an impact on other sectors in the manufacturing industry.


Profiting from a new automotive future

The automotive industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth in recent years. Industry executives are aware of factors that could hobble growth.


Risk and reward: Automotive industry economic trends and forecasts

It’s no surprise that auto suppliers currently have a generally positive outlook. But there are risks which may require attention.


Update on Advance Pricing Agreements for maquiladoras

Tax community in Mexico have developed an approach to develop a proposed transfer pricing policy for negotiations with the Mexican tax authorities.


5 trends for original equipment suppliers and automotive aftermarket

From alternative fuels to telematics, new vehicle technologies offer growth opportunities for aftermarket companies and OE component suppliers.

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