Energy companies face many challenges in today’s economic environment. We combine real-world experience with our trusted methodology to provide a robust range of services for our energy clients, which include oilfield services and equipment, chemicals and petrochemicals, alternative energy, and power and utilities companies. As advisors to upstream, midstream and downstream organizations in the energy industry, we keep our clients abreast of the latest industry issues and help them adjust to the variability of an increasingly competitive global market. Leveraging our in-depth capabilities and energy industry experience, we help companies tackle their financial, compliance and business challenges.

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5 energy trends to watch in 2017

5 energy trends to watch in 2017

Oil and gas prices appear to be stabilizing, which may allow for growth; power and utility will continue with cleaner-burning resources.


The oilfield services and equipment industry: Seven key value drivers

Identify the seven key value drivers that should be considered when evaluating an oilfield services and equipment company.

Investing in the Energy Bottleneck

How will the coming deregulation of the U.S. energy industry begin a private capital investment wave? Two specialists share their thoughts.

Financial experts in oil and gas cases

Understand the critical role of a financial expert in oil and gas litigation and identify the questions to consider before retaining one.

Understanding oil and gas insolvency issues

With insolvency proceedings on the rise, it’s important to understand the critical oil and gas questions to be addressed and evaluated.

Oil, gas and the US middle market

RSM’s industry insiders discuss the varied outlook for oil producers and the big opportunity this spells for US middle market businesses.

Proposed tax reform would have profound effect on oil and gas industry

Proposed tax reform would offer significant benefits for the oil and gas industry, though there are also some potential concerns.

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Mark Anderson 
National Energy Practice Leader