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RSM’s litigation and dispute resolution services provide critical support to businesses involved in complex disputes. Whether your dispute involves lost profits, reasonable royalties or diminution in asset and business valuation, our litigation and dispute advisory specialists have decades of experience assisting counsel and evaluating the impact on business value. From damages assessments to expert witness testimony, we provide the financial insight and analysis necessary to help you build a credible case.

Services include:

Litigation and Dispute Advisory Insights


Post-closing disputes: Key issues and how to avoid them

Learn how to avoid post-closing disputes that can derail transactions and result in increased costs, strained relationships and litigation.

  • Patrick Chylinski, John Tira


Merger price versus discounted cash flow: A study of Dell

Read a recent article that provides a detailed analysis of the elements that led to the court’s determination of Dell’s fair value.

  • Boris Steffen


Calculating prejudgment interest in past losses in business litigation

Learn how litigation counsel can better understand the factors and the challenges related to calculating prejudgment interest.

  • Boris Steffen


Understanding the purchase-price-adjustment clause

Businesses must understand how post-closing purchase-price-adjustment clauses can create costly disputes and reduce a transaction’s value.

  • Boris Steffen


Valuation issues in dissenting shareholder cases

Learn how the definition of fair value and case law in numerous jurisdictions affects valuation issues in dissenting shareholder cases.

  • Brad Koranda


Avoiding costly post-acquisition disputes over portfolio companies

Post-closing disputes can be complex and costly, but PE firms can follow several steps to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

  • Patrick Chylinski, John Tira


Financial experts in oil and gas cases

Understand the critical role of a financial expert in oil and gas litigation and identify the questions to consider before retaining one.

  • David Bart


Workplace fraud: Categories, threats and key steps to reduce risk

Learn the categories of workplace fraud and five quick steps to reduce the potential harm of fraudulent activity to your organizations.

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